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Meetings, trainings, and webinars have been happening virtually every weekday during the last 6 months and your ward councillors have been busy leading, attending and listening in to many of them.

The introduction of recorded council meetings watched by many, live or later on YOU TUBE, has been welcomed by us all as well as many members of the public.

Planning committee changes to allow Ward Councillors to speak for 5 minutes as representatives of residents, either in opposition or in agreement to officers recommendations, have been used at each of the planning meetings with Councillors speaking on matters ranging from the proposed car park at Whatlington church, the unauthorised development at Netherfield and the proposed development behind Watch Oak house and Chain Lane.

Parking changes in Battle, as Councillor Field has reported, will commence on 29th September and your ward councillors will be pleased to listen to any comments (especially the positive ones) and use them when the review takes place in a years' time.

Promotion your ward councillors have been proactive in working with groups to Promote the cycling and walking strategy and are fighting for funding to improve cycleways and footpaths around the district. We have also been proactive in supporting local businesses to get grants to support them through the pandemic and Promoting a "Return to the High Street" with measures to Protect you, our residents. Working alongside the Chamber of Commerce we have Promoted and encouraged local businesses to obtain the "Good to Go" and "Covid safe" marks to protect our residents. We are also (at every opportunity) Promoting accessibility to the down platform at Battle Railway station east of the Marley Lane Level crossing.

Councillor Vikki Cook on behalf of Cllrs Dixon and Field

  • Kathryn Mar21
    Article: Mar 17, 2021
    By Cllr Kathryn Field in Battle Observer

    We all have a right to go about our daily lives without fear of molestation or abuse. For
    women, that has been thrown into sharp relief by the phenomenal media coverage given to
    the Sarah Everard abduction and murder but it is not just about women. As a Liberal
    Democrat I firmly believe that we all have a right to expect equal treatment regardless of
    gender, age, colour, creed, or disability.
    There has always been a thankfully small minority of people who believe they have a right
    to inflict physical and emotional harm on others. Sarah was an attractive young woman and
    her alleged murderer was a police officer, both of which considerations have undoubtedly
    contributed to the media coverage. But the figures for England and Wales show around two
    people a day are murdered. Two thirds of these are male. Each one is a disaster for their
    friends and family but very few indeed are taken up by the national media.
    Awful as this case is, the more fundamental issue concerns the misogyny and sexism that
    has belatedly been put under such a strong spotlight. Research from UN Women suggests
    that 97% of women aged 18-24 have been sexually harassed, and 96% say they do not
    report it, most because they do not feel it would change anything. Given that the great
    majority of men do not engage in such activity, the few who do should not be protected by
    the apparent apathy of the Police and Courts when cases come before them. Of nearly
    59,000 rape cases recorded by the Police in the year to March 2020 just over 2,000 resulted
    in convictions. Sentences vary widely but average around five years. The Government's
    Crime Bill, currently being debated, suggests sentences for defacing statues of up to 10
    years, similar to the recent ridiculous threat of up to 10 years in jail for lying about the
    country you are flying in from.
    The treatment of the women protesting on Clapham Common last weekend was disgraceful.
    Yes, they were breaking the law. But media coverage of the rough treatment and
    handcuffing by male police officers of generally peaceful female protesters was a PR disaster
    that should have seen senior heads roll. The above-mentioned Crime Bill is actually
    proposing new powers to control 'non violent' protests and hand down stiff sentences for
    rule breakers. This is the stuff of dictatorships. It is Myanmar, it is Russia, it is Hong Kong. In
    words that George Orwell could have written, the 'tough' legislation is 'to help keep people
    safe'. The Bill includes much that is good but it cannot be allowed to smuggle through these
    major infringements of our civil liberties.
    We need a government committed to making women safe from sexually motivated attacks,
    not one that is more concerned with the inconvenient optics of people exercising their right
    to protest.
    Cllr Kathryn Field